Gift Card FAQ

How to use gift card?

After you paid for the order, you will receive two separate emails - order confirmation and Gift Card. Find email with your Gift Card and click on View Gift Card button. You will see a long code consisting of numbers and letters - copy it and paste it at the checkout. Your Gift Card balance will be used as a primary payment option.

If you cannot find the email anywhere, you can contact us and we will resend your email to you.

I want to pay with Gift Card, but there is not enough balance on it

You can use your Gift Card alongside with other payment options. Gift Card will be applied in a way of discount code and, if there is not enough balance to cover for your order, simply add Credit Card or other payment option to cover for the rest of the order.

Can I use more than one (1) Gift Card to pay for the order?

Yes, you can.

I paid with Gift card and want to return an item. Where the refund will go?

If you paid your order in full with Gift Card, then the refunded money will go back to the Gift Card. If only part of your order was paid by Gift Card, then the refund will be redistributed to the Gift Card first, up to the initial amount, and only then to other payment options you used.

I want to send Gift Card to someone else

We do not offer this service, yet, but we do provide a link to print out the Gift Card`s page (for you to put it into a nice envelope), as well as you can simply send them a link to the Gift Card`s page.